How Far Can You Drive an Electric Car Before Recharging?

ev battery charging

Switching from gas-powered to electric vehicles is a key climate solution for Georgia, and it’s one that is scaling rapidly.

Despite their growing popularity, there are still misconceptions about EVs. It’s common (and even sensible) to have questions and concerns about new technologies. But what is the truth about electric vehicles?

We’ll address one of the most frequent concerns about electric vehicles here.

A Common Misperception About Electric Vehicles

EV battery charging

A recent piece in the Ledger-Enquirer cited “range anxiety” as one reason why Georgia drivers may choose not to upgrade to an EV. The idea of being stranded with a dead battery is still a fear for many.

What is the Typical Range of an Electric Vehicle?

The distance an electric car or truck can travel before being recharged depends on the size of the battery. We’ve come a long way since 2011, when first-generation EVs had a median range of only 68 miles. 

The median range for 2023 EVs is 270 miles, which is similar to the average gas-powered vehicle. The maximum range is now a whopping 516 miles on a single charge. And the technology will continue to evolve.

How Can I Find Public Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles?

Eighty percent of EV charging is done at home, overnight. Charging a car at home is as simple as plugging into a 110V outlet using the charging cord that comes with the vehicle. 

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When traveling longer distances, you will want to find a DC fast charging station. The Alternative Fuel Data Center maintains a list of all the EV charging stations in the country so you can map your route ahead of your trip. Additionally, apps like Plugshare help map routes with charging stations. 

By 2025, charging stations will be available every 50 miles along highways at a distance of no more than one mile from the highway. As the Ledger-Enquirer article notes, Georgia was allotted $135 million through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to add new charging stations along interstates

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